Let me know how to walk around NY.

I was very sleepy during da morning class. Although I spoke English, there was da far distance between what I wanna say and what I said. That is my brain was not awake then. I can listen to two presentations of Hajime and Keisuke. This is about da sign after drinking, while that is about da city structure in New York. Hajime’s topic was very interesting for me cus, as I mentioned before, I plan to visit there. Actually, I’m searching how to get wherever I wanna go.

NY is da developed/advanced city as well as Tokyo. Subway in there will show u guys that evidence. Both subways are so complicated that people could be lost. There would be few people who know how to use correctly them. In da reality, recently I know well how to get on/off Tokyo subways, but I have no idea about NY one. If I stay longer there, I’ll have da opportunity to know that. However, I’ll be just a traveler/visitor. I trust to get on/off them w/ no worry.

Before Econ class I went to Montgomery in order to check if a housing office holds some packages for me. I bought da low coffee table by internet, whose cost is just $6-. That’ll be making my room more comfortable.

I’ll have da midterm exam of Econ 202 on 19th July. I have to study/read da text carefully. Da professor said it’ll be easy for us, but as I’m poor at English, I need to spend more time. Good Luck!





  by tkpsu | 2005-07-05 08:52 | @Portland

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