I wanna be 5 %.

I have da in-class short essay about American Business.
Language exchange few foreigners cuz of time

Finance class was so exciting and interesting. Tonight I learned how New York Stock Exchange, NYSE, works everyday. Specifically speaking, James taught us how a customer buys/sells amount of stacks at da moment. We can buy/sell stock shares via brokers who stand between customers and NYSE. The trade will be done only when there are two customers who wanna buy/sell at the same time. They can trade da minimum # of shares.

Customer A wanna buy 15,000 shares and customer B wanna sell 20,000, for instance, when da price is $10-. Da trade of 15,000 shares is successfully done. Where will da rest of 5,000 shares be? Customer B wanna still sell them, but nobody wanna buy. It is a specialist that helps him then. Specialist has da power to buy 5,000 shares customer B wanna sell by lower price. That is why a stock market is moving.

What I wanna say da best thing is to ask James a question.
“Do they care da amount of # of shares?”
I was waiting for his point-out w/ raising a hand. The instructor replied immediately w/out hesitating. That’s da key point. I really worried about that my question has nothing to do w/ lecture topics. That is because I’m poor at listening to English, especially in class. Thus I was pretty happy for his response.


早稲田から私費留学でPSUにきている人がいる。彼は、昨年同フォーラムに参加し、全体の参加者のわずか5%と言われる内定率のうちの一人になった。今年の日程は、10月21日(金)~23日(日) の3日間あり、彼は、最初の2日で2度のInterview(面接)をクリアし、最終日は、立食パーティーだったらしい。全ての企業が、このようなスケジュールなのかは定かではないが、面接を通して内定者を決めるのは確実。




  by tkpsu | 2005-07-06 19:17 | @Portland

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