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Terrible things happened again since September 11, 2001. A couple of blasts as Terror took place in London on July 7 morning 9:00am, killing at least 50 and injuring 700. I heard this big mews from Glen before ESL. Actually, only I watched CNN news this morning is that US security level was changing into Orange, 2nd level of 5. I was home, and watched carefully TV after da class. I’m not in bed now, while I was not awake this morning.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. One bomb attacked da two-story bus, blasting its roof away. Nobody gets on it. It’s of course. Injured passengers are driven to hospitals by many ambulance cars. I found one injured taking da interview w/ his face bled non-seriously. Everybody would think he had better go to da immediate hospital. The other day London awarded 2012 Olympic. This news made people in London happy, involving David Beckham, a famous soccer player.

After NY and London, Japanese worry seriously about where next is. Although they say that, Japan including Japanese gover’t is not willing to make da security stricter. One lady took an interview at downtown that after smth happens it’s too late to begin thinking about that.
However, to be honest, I think it is da fact that nobody cares anything.

I visited Japanese Garden next to Washington Park. It was Tanabata Festival. What does Tanabata mean? It is one of Japanese strange traditions. That is, it is on only July 7 that da prince living in one star and prince living in another star can meet each other once a year. They meet on da star river which consists of stars in the sky. It’s hard to explain that kinda of thing.






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