Forget Nothing.

I started my job hunting yesterday. Actually, I’m just making my resume as Riku taught me. I had no idea that I need to hand in resumes both in Japanese and in English. I thought it was enough to submit that in Japanese cuz Japan’s companies will join. Additionally, that kinda resume is completely different from that Japanese graduates submit to Jap companies. That’s da significant opportunity to learn about such a strategy of job hunting.

I planed to play hoops at 2 thru 4pm. I went to da gym and played for a while. I wanted keep playing b-ball, but my eyes hurt suddenly. I don’t know why. Fortunately, they don’t hurt now, giving me da feeling of relief. I stooped it to care them, going home. I’m sorry, Riku. I wanna play more.

I was back to PSU gym to watch da game sponsored by a radio station FM95.5. It cost $10-, although, it was not worth, I feel. In reality, I look forward to tmrrw baseball game at PGE Park at 2pm.

I was home again and asked Yusuke to go to da PSU field next to that gym. Da event was held by American Cancer Society. The theme is relay for life. We joined them at 10:00pm when we thought too late to close’em up. Besides, it was heavily rainy. It’s da first time for me to feel American regret/mourning for those who died by cancer. I’ve seen American enjoy/laugh every time since my coming here. However, I’ve never seen them feel those feelings. I had a holy experience tonight.









  by tkpsu | 2005-07-08 17:41 | @Portland

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