Something Scary & Smth Satisfy in Life

I went to da library to study Macroeconomics and job hunting. Before them I look over da Wall Street Journal, kinda finance newspaper. I was reading them by 4pm, when there is closed. Talking about Econ, this text is interesting/exciting, I feel. Actually, it’s hard to remember some info from my memory about Macro Econ, though. I learned it more than one year ago. Whenever an economic word I knew appears, it makes me refresh. I thought even it’s happy to meet/learn it.

I received e-mail from Dad since 7.7 terror took place. It said think again about ur Europe’s summer journey. He gave me an important advice as father. I had better watch up when walking downtown, especially in rush hour. Do u remember Sep 11? It also was hurt around 9am. An’ this London blast is at 9am. Although I can’t say they are caused by al Qaida, generally, da group of criminals were supposed to aim at such a crowded time. If one law professor asks to think how to kill the most people at the same time by one bomb, I’ll tell him to aim the rush hour.

I plan to get European destination stations by trains. I’ll get on an Eurail a couple of times; Paris for Rome, for Florence, for Milan, for Barcelona, for Paris, etc. One friend of mine recommends Amsterdam to me. Thai is because he has been there last summer, getting da great impression. I don’t plan to get there, though, I might change my routes. I wanna see world heritages as many as possible, but I wanna spend time w/ no care, I mean, I don’t wanna be hurry up.

Actually, I’ll be scared by my journey. However, wherever I am, I am close to death. I can agree more on my idea, even if I’m in Shinjuku, Tokyo. No place is safe around the world. I wanna think that’ll be da fate if I’m gone. I wanna. In fact, I’m scared by the end of my life.

破壊王の呼び名で人気を博した格闘家橋本真也が、脳幹出血で亡くなった。哀しいというより驚いた。えっ、なんで?と何度も頭をよぎる。K-1、PRIDE、 ボクシングなどの格闘競技一般が好きなオレにとって、彼の死はその一部でしかない。しかし彼の試合を何度も見ていることで、親近感が沸く。今胸にポカンと開いた穴は、この感情が空けた穴だ。アンディー・フグがなくなったときも、同じ気持ち。オレの穴よりも何倍もの大きさだった人は、何千人、何万人といるだろう。今回だってそうだ。プロの選手がなくなる、自分の応援していた人が、大好きだった選手が亡くなる。ツラい。

最近不幸な話が多い。先月は日本では、June brideが関係してか、結婚ラッシュが相次いだ。一転して、テロが起こり、そして橋本真也の病死。Stock Marketと似ている。経済成長と似ている。上向きのときがあれば、下向きのときがある。上向きが続くことは決してない。下向きが続くこともない。生まれてこのかた、上向きの人生しか歩んでない、と言う人。反対に、不幸の連続よ、と言う人。上向き、あるいは下向きの流れの真ん中にいる人のことだろう。




  by tkpsu | 2005-07-10 04:08 | @Portland

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