Right Way is Not Seen.

I chatted w/ a lady friend from University. I don’t know when the last time to talk to her is. Was that three months ago/more? She’s gonna study abroad to England this next month, anyway. I was taking the same English class last year. I met her there. Her major also is Economics, of course. I remembered her English was pretty good. Now that she’s quite busy for finals in Waseda. I hope she achieved the success in England.

I got outside Epler in order to study at the library. Un-/Fortunately, I met Riku, and he asked me to go to Broadway, one of on-campus dorms. It’s the second time to be there. Anyway, I researched about Boston Career Forum at Broadway. Especially, I’m searching where to stay for three/four nights. As u know, it’s hard to look for the cheaper, nearer, and more comfortable hotel. Riku keeps his job hunting w/ no care while my researching. I stayed there from 6 to 9:30pm.

After that I met one businessperson by Riku’s invitation, who is working at NIKE Japan here, whose name is Marcus. The Bilingual speaker, 31, arrived at Bush Garden located in downtown. We were there before his arrival at 10:00pm. Our chat like an interview was two hours long. Although he is American-Japanese and so he can speak Japanese very well, he spoke briefly English. It was not hard to listen/understand, so I could ask smth I wanna quest, my question was in Japanese, though.

After all let me think about what the job hunting is. Marcus gave us the advice: “Don’t run fast. Take it easy.” I wanna be like him. That’s the business person I’m very proud of. Such a perfect man has a memorable dream, going his way w/ no look at all. He thinks the family is significant in a life. So do I.

初めて就活らしいことをした。たぶん今夜のは、OB/OG訪問に分類されるだろう。NIKE Japanに入社し、駐在員として現在ポートランドで勤めている。勤めるといっても、そのクラスがすごい。USのNIKE(本社はBeaverton)はそもそもPresidentが2人いる。一般的に言われる社長と、デザイン専門の社長。NIKEは、スポーツメーカーの大手。そのデザインやコンセプトで、お客さんのニーズに応え、シェアーを増やしていく。シューズ、パンツ、シャツ、サングラス、キャップ、リストバンドなど【デザイン】命の商品しか扱わない。この社長2人体制は、デザインの重要性を示唆している。







  by tkpsu | 2005-07-11 09:59 | @Portland

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