Money is $100,000-.

I told the classmates the narrative in this morning. It was the first turn. Fortunately, it was better than last quarter. I listened to total five stories about from a cultural difference to Jazz dance. Whenever other students present something, I try to ask some questions. That’s because I think it is the best way for presenters to quest about their presentations. I mean, to quest is to understand/listen carefully to them.

After ESL I joined Language Exchange. Unfortunately, this quarter has few PSU students. For besides summer session the working hour is not good. It is from 11:45 to 12:45pm. Glen is thinking about that as a serious problem. It is a good opportunity to communicate w/ a native speaker, anyway.

Talking about FIN 301, we have three options as a project; stock analysis, project, trading. Stock analysis is that to choose one particular company, analyze its share/price, and forecast what happen next. Project is like research paper about whatever we are interested in, even if this paper is useful to study stock market. Trading is to trade shares with an amount of virtual money, $100,000, and think about the strategy and solution if that shares we bought before are not working/profitable.

I wanna try to trade stocks in the real market, w/ fake money, although. I have only four weeks long to trade them cuz this class will end Aug 10. I look forward to this trading whichever I gain/fail money. All I have to do is think about why I get/lose money. I can change the strategy & stocks if I notice that they are unprofitable. I can write about why I changed it. Sounds very interesting. Additionally it’s free to trade.







  by tkpsu | 2005-07-13 04:35 | @Portland

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