Economics Trouble.

I have a midterm exam of Macroeconomics next Tuesday. It is pretty tough for me cuz I have to read roughly 200 pages of text, understand and memorize them. Fortunately, it was a multiple type test. I don’t have to write whole academic words. It is still tougher task, anyway. Week 4 has passed after today’s Econ class, instead of Thursday. I have three-straight weekends every week in this quarter. However, it’ll be spent by reading stuffs, lol.

I received the evaluation of ESL class by Glen. It was the first time to get such a middle grade. Actually, it was just a comment to my attendance in this class, including speaking opinions, small group discussions, speaking narrative, overview test of textbook, etc. It didn’t say smth bad at all. Meanwhile, it said that keep up your work. I was happy about that, and try to do that. After 4th week ESL also comes to make me dead. I mean, I have a research paper as I mentioned before. All I have to do by next Monday is find new 3 – 5 sources and summarize’em in a few sentences each sources.

Another I wanna address as my first experience is to purchase a mark sheet. It, whose name is Scantron, costs only $0.20. What I was surprised at is not the cheap price but that we have to purchase such kinda answer sheet. In Japan, whenever we take exams, instructors get answer sheets ready. We don’t have to get by ourselves before taking exams. Since these mark sheets are sold at Bookstore, it is general here to purchase for each exams. However, in a case of essay type exams we don’t have to do that, I guess.

It’s July 14th. It was the end of a 1st half of this term. Talking about Waseda students oversea, they also study hard for exams, which are finals of the 1st semester. I can measure how busy they are by looking at the online billboard, so-called BBS. That is, the busier they are, the more articles they write. As they write constantly down, I can see more than 10 articles in a day.





  by tkpsu | 2005-07-14 13:37 | @Portland

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