Alone is Everyone.

I’ve been at Broadway for six hours in order to do my fxxckin’ crazy stuffs. I started reading Econ text and researching companies after Riku’s come. I realized that it takes too much to research them. The more companies I plan to apply, the more number of them I have to research. We found a little bit what Dentsu, GE, and Abeam are doing. I’m gonna keep doing companies I wanna apply.

After tough works we had fast dinners at Cha Cha Cha next to Broadway. $3.95-dinner made me pretty full, even if I ate half of them. I was home and here I am.

I often watched Japanese dramas, Orange Days, whose story is about how college students find their futures. They are seeking what they wanna do. One student seeks to work welfare of aged as a nurse man. Actually, he received one hire-announce, like an official decision, though, he canceled it. That’s because he didn’t wanna give up hi real dream.

When he had the final interview, he thought why he began studying in the college. He said it was important never to forget the first belief. I think so. I don’t wanna forget that.





  by tkpsu | 2005-07-16 15:18 | @Portland

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