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I am almost dead cuz Econ exam was pretty difficult. Professor said that a mid term exam consisted of 50 questions, though, da big fault happened to me. Actually, there were total 56 which were more than I thought. Though it was better to take a look at whole questions at the beginning of test, I was so nervous that I couldn’t afford to do that at all Besides, I have only 60 minutes for taking. In the last 5 min I couldn’t read the questions. I’ll pass the minimum line, anyway.

After such a bad dream I went to Waseda-Oregon office to check my Narrative on TV. I watched carefully it, and got smth strange. As u guys know, it’s strange to watch/listen yourself on TV. Nobody believes the voice, first of all. I noticed that my English was quite bad, even if Glen gave me a good evaluation. I didn’t speak fluently, loudly and clearly.

I was home at 5:00pm and left here for Broadway. That’s the five-straight days. That’s for just a job-hunting. I thought about what I did in each school periods; elementary, junior high, high school and college. How were ur studying grades? What did u do club activities? What’s the family for u? Who’s ur best friend? Who affected u? What to u wanna thank ur parents about? etc.

I was there by 12am when the computer lab is closed. In the last one hour I spent reading Rikunabi 2007, like mail magazines made by Japanese company supporting students who are looking for a proper job. I learned a lot from it. It is possible that the first job is the first stage of life. You can enter a company to look for what you wanna do. etc.

今日は、【 家族 】について。あなたにとって家族との関係は?どのようなことに感謝していますか?どのような気持ちを抱いていますか?といった切り口で書き始める。





  by tkpsu | 2005-07-19 17:34 | @Portland

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