Bad Score Might Wake Me Up.

There were few students in ESL, making Glen disappointed, even though three students take TOEFL this morning, so they are absent. Besides, most students were late. However, we had nothing special. For all we had to do was a peer review of research papers. My rough draft is four pages long so far. Fortunately, nobody wrote more than it in class. I realize I need to develop it more.

I received the score of Econ exam. That’s terrible, reminding me of the reality. I scored only 30 of 56, alive/dead score. I notice that I need more time to study/read Econ. I’ll have no weekends from now. Actually, as I mentioned yesterday, I have to do a lot. Hummm…. Summer Session is tougher than I expected.

After Econ weekends of Week 5 have come. I’ll join Street Jam, 3 on 3 tournament sponsored by Blazers this weekend. If our team is winning, we’ll have a game Sunday. But, how about the worse case? Will we have any games, even if we lose Saturday? I have no idea so far. I’m looking forward to it, anyway. Every registered player will get a celebrity T – shirts.

Now, I’m in Broadway, lol. I’m here as well as last nite. I wanna think about who I am again in two hours left. By the way, I’m listening to Japanese music, especially “aiko,” one popular woman folk singer. Her voice & lyric are quite impressive, relaxing me anywhere. My other favorite singers are Yuzu, Mr. Children, Kaera Kimura, Def Tech, McFLY, etc.

今日は、昨日に引き続き【 好きなこと・楽しかったこと 】を受けて、見られる共通項について。







  by tkpsu | 2005-07-21 14:03 | @Portland

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