Unforgettable Day.

I was at Broadway from 12pm to 3pm to renew my weblog and think of planning my European Journey. Specifically speaking, I have to decide what kinds of Eurailpass I get. Da most difficult problem is whether I’m gonna go on a trip to Amsterdam, Nether lands or not. That’s cuz da price of a pass is up to # of countries I’ll travel to.

I met Noom, one hoops crew, in front of McDonald, getting to Rose Quarter to sign in da game. I can’t hide my happiness to watch da court. I made sure how many courts they guys have: 35. That # involves a center court whose floor is pretty clean. That’s why I think it was used as a Blazers cort in the Rose Garden before. However, most players will play on a street. I’m looking forward to playing there.

I was in CP lab again to make da hoops game schedule. Shortly after arrival I was rite back to home, and I left immediately there to join guys who are gonna see da Kabuki, Japanese traditional theater at SE. It was at 6am, and da play will start at 8pm, so we can get in there from 7:30pm. One staff said that when I asked. The play started, immediately making us impressed.

I went to Dan’s home party. He’s gonna work in Toyama prefecture, Japan. He’ll leave here for there on July 30th at 2pm. When I arrived at there, he was crazy already. It was after 10pm. To my surprise, there were many people, especially Asian people. It’s nice to meet one girl studying abroad here.

今日は、小学校時代の【 感動経験 】について。





  by tkpsu | 2005-07-22 18:59 | @Portland

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