I Don’t Want You To Forget.

I got up early at 7am caz I play 3 on 3 @Rose Garden. Unfortunately, Non, Japanese, one of members, was late lol, missing da game that we lost, 5 for 16. I noticed that our practice was quite short. Talking about myself, as it was da first time for me to play outside on a hard court, I couldn’t fit da game. As it was too sunny to make a shot, I couldn’t fit da game. To be honest, that’s my poor excuse.

Our mind was changing at a higher speed by da 2nd game. The first started at 9:30am, and the second did at 11:30am. We discussed what to do next. We conclude that all we have to do is a triumph. Our next opposing team won da 1st game. I have no time to care about it. Non came, played and scored 10 of 16 we need to win. I netted a big 2-point shot from arc cuz nobody can score 3-point shot in the rule of Street Jam, leading us to 1st victory.

We thought we passed da qualification after winning the 3rd game. That was our biggest misunderstanding. I can’t concentrate any more. Da score is 10 to 12, 2 down. We didn’t catch up w/ them. Da limited time, 15 minutes, was over. We lost it, 13 to 15. We went home w/ feeling disappointed.

We had a party for Clint who is gonna to work in Japan as well as Dan. It was held at Bush Garden at 10:00pm. At first, there were several friends of Clint from da same high school: Michael, Bro, Cameron, Clint’s younger sister. Japanese crews were late, but I can listen about their high school life. It was fun. An’ then his best friends arrived: James and Kyle.

Finally, I gifted him a postcard saying that I don’t want you to forget smth important, such as Portland, friends and parents who have supported, and why u r in Japan.

Good Luck, Clint !!

昨日に引き続き【 感動経験 】。今日は中学校時代。






  by tkpsu | 2005-07-23 03:32 | @Portland

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