Let Me Be In Europe.

It was a certain miracle to get up at 8am. That’s cuz we have to get to Rose Garden, even though we can’t play any more today. Since da enemy didn’t show up, we got an easy win, but we have no playoffs. Thus I was rite back home cuz I need to sleep more. After saying good-bye to crews, I left there to get #8 bus for PSU. Fortunately, I got early on it. It was at 10:10am that I was home again.

I go immediately to bed. In the reality, da party ended up by 2:30am, preventing me from sleeping. Accidentally, I got up at 8:00am, lol. I got a deep sleep. It was when Dan announced me a victory at a high voice that I was awake again. He said that we had one more game in playoffs. The reason is a team who will go to playoffs didn’t show up Sunday. That’s why da opportunity faced us. However, as I mentioned, cuz I was at home, I didn’t meet guys. I thought they guys couldn’t beat an enemy, I’m sorry.

I stayed at Broadway from 4 to 9pm during their game, a semifinal of our tournament. I think about Europe Journey. As a result, I bought Eurailpass Youth whose durations are 15 days, and cost is $ 382, excluding shipping. I’ll stay at Europe from Sep 2 to 21. Yet, this duration is fine cuz I plan to stay at Paris for 6 days. I mean, between 2 and 21 do I travel other places: Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay in France, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan in Italy, Barcelona in Spain.

I typed a research paper in 6 pages, at last.

さて今日の【 感動経験 】は、高校時代。





  by tkpsu | 2005-07-24 07:01 | @Portland

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