Tomato Soup I Cooked.

I received a mail from Misa. I don’t notice who she is cuz she wrote her name in Japanese character, Kanji. The back of its postcard shows Duomo in Milan I plan to visit in summer. Only one picture impressed me. To my surprise, I can see Duomo anywhere. In fact, I found it in Rome and Florence on an atlas.

I played hoops downstairs at gym. For da first time, I did there since last quarter. When I entered da small gym, I found one guys of mine, Anthony. While practicing to shoot hoops, some crews came there, including Alone, Non, and Dan. Unfortunately, only 8 guys came there to play by 6pm.

I went to Broadway from 7pm to 12am. What I did is correct my research paper as rough draft and research European stations I’ll get. I read through my rough draft and correct it by myself. I started researching which train to get on to destinations. My journey will be pretty busy.

Talking about my cooking, I cooked a soup in a few days. I bought a tomato can and used it. I’m eating it as past or risotto, and w/ bread. It was good, though it is wired to say that by myself. It is a good practice for those who will live alone in Japan to cook alone, anyway.

【 感動経験 】最後の今日は、大学生活篇。まぁ、今現在2年4ヶ月しか経っていない大学生活。それなりの感動経験はある。



オレの留学のキーは、4年間で卒業できるか就活に間に合うか、の2点だった。だから初めは、豪州に出願したが、基準点が50点高く、あっけなく落ちた。留学の道は絶たれたかと思った。というのも、豪州の留学終了は、3年生の11月、米国の留学終了は、3年生の学年が終わる3月だったから。これでは、就活には間に合わない。しかし留学の神は、オレを見放さなかった。TNPが残っていた。2年生の9月応募で、2年生終了直後に出発、早くて3年生の12月に帰国。 これなら間に合う。


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