I’ll be in Boston.

During ESL I learned the difference of pronouncing “R” and “L”. That is an entire theme when studying English. It’s pretty hard to get used it. To distinguish them means da success of studying abroad. I keep practicing that. “read” and “lead” are the most difficult terms. So are other patterns: rib & lib, right & light, ring & ling, etc.

After Econ I was there as usual. I left home for there at 7pm. The soccer game was held at the field. I found Riku as GK there. An’ then I have used for a few hours. Suddenly, I found Keiko studying at Broadway. She seemed to drawing smth. Cuz I’m sitting far away from her, I can’t see exactly. Riku appeared there in a few hours.

In the first two hours, I was researching about Beta in a stock market. That’s a home work of Finance class. An’ then I bought an air ticket for Boston. It costs $252 each by North West airline. We’ll leave here early morning cus our flight is at 7am. We’ll arrive at Boston at 5pm on Thursday, when is the date before a career forum.

Talking about this forum, I got one offer from Yamasho, one of the companies which will join this September. I was a little bit happy to receive it. It was at 12am that we left there for home. Although I gotta read a text, I fall a sleep.






  by tkpsu | 2005-07-26 13:46 | @Portland

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