Nothing I Understood.

First I did after leaving is to buy Wall Street Journal at Book Store. It costs only one buck. Bringing it I went to ESL class instead of not finishing reading stuff. Cuz I have a finance class, I buy it every Wednesday. I usually go to da class room rite before 15 minutes. I have to answer some questions about American Ethnic and Racing problem. Fortunately, when I’m thinking seriously, Saeko, one of TNP students, came there and helped each other.

At the end of ESL, Glen announced that we will take a test about this text tmrrw. How incredible it is. Does he know # of my stuffs in this quarter? Anybody help me. I wanna shout like that. Yet, da reality might pass away w/out my desire.

Finance 301 became difficult more and more. Although we are learning da base of a stock market, da structure/ detail is confusing. One topic I learned today is a relation between risk and return. The Alpha and the Beta are kinds of scales/measures. There are other scales: P/E, PEG, P/S etc.

I’ve been at Broadway for two hours. Briefly, I translated Riku’s resume. It is hard to translate these special terms: principle, knowledgeable, objective, etc. Although I wanna stay there, I gotta be back to home cuz, as I mentioned, having a quiz.

I was back to home to prepare a quiz. Unfortunately, I fall a sleep. As u know, I spent kinda boring everyday. In fact, I accepted such a pretty busy schedule.

【 感動経験 】をもう一つ。






  by tkpsu | 2005-07-27 03:43 | @Portland

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