Awesome Party.

I went to da class room before an hour in order to study for a quiz. It was 50-minute long. I did my best. In da rest of class we did a debate in a class. Its theme is this: Japan should accept da immigration. This lecture was so terrible cuz there were no judge and leader who organizes it. In reality, I like to debate, but I don’t wanna do in such a bad condition.

At the end of class I received a research paper from Glen after evaluating. It’s not good. It said 82 of 82, but I was not satisfied w/ it. I realize that I need to develop it more. Another student got 95 of 82, I saw. Talking about my ESL class, Glen, a teacher, was really disappointed that only 7 of 12 students handed in papers. I think TNP students this year are poorer than da present 5 TNP students.

After Econ I went immediately to Computer Lab at Cramer Hall. However, da coldest air condition stopped my one-hour studying. Not only Cramer Hall but also da library and Broadway have a stable climate. Thus I have to bring an extra cloth. When summer has come, such a strange accident was held in Japan as well as here. That’s funny.

I had a party for Clint at Epler. I got drunk. Clint seemed to finish packing his stuffs. If he didn’t, it’d be a problem. He’ll leave on Saturday at 10:30am. In my case, my departure date was March 23rd, four months ago. It was da previous day that I finished packing my two stuffs. Although I thought I had to start before, it is da fact that nobody started from two weeks before departure.

【 影響を受けた経験 】というコーナーへ。今日は大学篇。

そのブランドは、女の子なら誰もが持っているもの、そう【 LOUIS VUITTON 】。ルイヴィトンジャパン秦社長の無料講演会。こういった講演は、早稲田ではたまに催され、最近では6月終わりには、マイクロソフト社長ビル・ゲイツ氏が弁を振るった。この秦社長のアツい講演は、これから社会に出るオレらに、大いなる刺激を与えた。(←そう思っているのは、オレだけかもしれないが・・・)




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