Dream Atmosphere.

I joined FOCUS from 6 to 10pm, having fun but killing me. When I send e-mail to Yusuke, he told me to meet together at 5:50. We stepped to Ondine, hanging out Naoko and Yasu. An’ then a friend of mine Jason drove us to Hillsboro, where we get in a-half-an-hour-drive. We had a dinner in da center of a farm. Da Free Way has a terrible traffic jam. It was at 7pm that we arrived there.

We had a lot of dinner, like two hamburgers and one hotdog. After that a ranch brought us to meet a pack of goats. To my surprise, no goats escaped or chased. It’s da first time for me to touch them. Da happiest thing is to meet a three-week-old baby. When I was little and lived in Takatsuki, Osaka, I remember riding a horse. Where I did that might be Kyushu. I’m not sure.

Next I wanna say is about personal name. For Japanese it is difficult to remember American name, while for American it is so to do Japanese name. We r chilling about Yu and Ai as a name and You and I as an English noun. Everybody must be confused. Let’s guess/imagine this;
American guy chatted w/ Japanese. “I am I. You are not you but a friend of mine is you.” An’ then I wanna ask u guys where a friend is.

Another funny thing is Jason’s class had 5 Jason in a high school. When a teacher tried to check attendances, he seeming confirmed at least two of them and checked all of them present, lol.

【 楽しかった経験 】~高校篇~ってことで書いていきます。

部活と残りの9ヶ月に二分された高校生活の中で、沢山の思い出ができた。選りすぐってこのお話を♪それは、高3時、学部発表が終わり、残すは卒業式だけとなった2003年の3月中旬。我らがF, C, H, K, L組が集まり伊豆は修善寺温泉飲んだくれ旅行に行った。このメンバーは、学院祭や頭祭といった学院行事の幹部として働くことで、仲を深めたクルーだ。







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