Analog and Digital Country.

I got up early at 7:30am. I went punctually to da class, MGMT 407, 1 cre. It is 8-hour long, lol. Its title is Doing Business in Post-WTO China. What I learned here were China’s bank system, political system, a currency revaluation, incentives, obstacles, etc. To my surprise, there are some cups of coffee, water, and juice, and cookies, muffins, yogurts, and bananas. Instructors are getting them ready, though we pay for $5- as tuition.

This long run lecture was divided by several parts of each theme. Thus I didn’t feel how longer it is than I expected. During lectures they showed us some pictures of Shanghai China. I was impressed w/ what a beautiful/advanced city is. China including Shanghai has increased rapidly its GDP in the last 10 yrs. GDP growth rates are always higher than that if Japan: avg. 8 % to 3 %, I guess. However, China are very concerned w/ da slowly-increasing populations. Da teacher, Chinese, also said no increasing population, no Chinese life.

In my opinion, though it is not true, China has da big gulf btwn urban, suburb and countryside. Specifically speaking, da education environment, da lifestyle and da living status are completely different. I have no image in Japan. Every boys and girls are going to an elementary school which has enough amenities/facilities. In my school, every class rooms had TVs each.

It is crucial to care about GDP; however, you must not forget how all citizens are going.

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  by tkpsu | 2005-07-30 16:46 | @Portland

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