Wondering Milan.

ESL was too boring that all we did was the correction of a grammar: article and preposition. Additionally, Glen handed us one piece of paper, saying to pay another $168- for insurance. Joining this insurance is one of PSU rules for international students. An’ then I received an in-class essay whose score is 83 of 100. It’s not good.

Before going home I visited East Hall to confirm whether I need another travel signature or not. Finally, I didn’t need any more. After that I went to Housing Office to pay for two months, August and September. It cost totally $1180-(too expensive). When I was home, I cooked a lunch and took a nap. I planed to play hoops at 4 pm, but since nobody r playing, I can’t do that.

After I was back home, next I wanna do is book a hostel in NY, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain. In reality, it was only a hostel in NY that I booked w/ internet today. I picked up where to stay by searching a map around each hostel and calculating how far it is from the nearest station.

To my surprise, Milan has few hostels, making me concerned w/ it. A lot of expensive hotels are there. I was an unhappy man cuz I can’t find only one-night hostel, Sep 15th. I’m gonna get on a train to Barcelona, Spain via Milan. There I’ll meet one best friend of mine, Sugita who will study abroad to Valencia University from September 26th. In addition to him, I look forward to Sagrada Familia.

【 楽しかった経験 】~大学篇~というか、去年のX'mas篇でぇ~す。






  by tkpsu | 2005-08-01 10:33 | @Portland

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