Europe Journey is Perfect.

I need to get ready for presentation next Monday. Whenever da presentation happens, a visual aid is PowePoint. That’s because it’s easy for audiences to understand a presentation. Since a research paper is too long, we need to shorten specifically and simply it. Actually, I’ll take an in-class survey what conditions you need to change your career. For instance, good pay, good working environment, working staffs, interest, etc are some of conditions. In addition, I wanna compare w/ Japan’s and America’s reasons.

Unfortunately, no PSU students joined the language exchange. After ESL I attended it, but that wrong happened. Glen gave us all drinks and snacks cuz of the last day. When I was back to home, I took a nap for 60 min. I went to the library before a finance class. I added a little a trading strategy paper and printed it out.

I showed James Kar, FIN stractor, my paper cuz I wanted him to correct it. He said to me about it, “It’s ok. Keep going.” Tonight’s lecture held the summarizing the last 6 weeks details. As that was the second time, it’s easy to enter my brain. The question how you decide to trade a company is the main topic of this class. The method is to research a company, measure a return and a risk of its stock, etc. It’s up to investors. Talking about Final Exam, it’ll be tough to score a high grade cuz da detail is pretty broad. But, I have to do that. I’ll be dead in this weekend, to be serious.

At Broadway I made all schedules of the journey. Specifically speaking, I’ll get on exact trains whose fare is free or less w/ Eurailpass. I’ll book all hostels in Europe, although I might cancel them cuz of sudden incidents.

やっとこさ、【 楽しかった経験 】~X'mas温泉旅行篇~の最終日です。







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