United States of America Is There.

Since I stayed up all late w/ two Yusuke, I went to bed at 5am but I got up at 11am. I renewed my weblog and started summarizing an econ text. However, when I did a few pages, I stopped it. Why? I also have no idea why. I noticed the reason is I can’t study here, in my room. If I’m here, I can have everything, such as smth to eat and drink, TV, music, etc. Thus, I can’t concentrate anything.

First of all, I planed to help Yusuke to move out Ondine. He might have given me da call at 4:30pm. Rite after he asked me to help, Naoko sent e-mail to gather at 5:30pm for FOCUS. I was wandering which to attend. I was at Waseda Oregon Office to meet them, but all I saw were Jun and Keisuke, who have just bought air tickets for Europe.

They guys also will be in Europe, from England, France, and Italy. Besides, Naoko will be in Germany, while Asuka & Mayu will be in Paris, Belgium, and Amsterdam. Yasu will arrive at Ireland. More friends will leave US than I expected. Another I can say is most of TNP students will visit NY, including me.

Talking about NY, there are 40 museums, involving The Museum of Modern Art or The Metropolitan Museum of Art. A tiny island, Manhattan, has Broadway, too. I really really wanna watch The Lion King and Mamma Mia! New Yorkers are excited by MLB, NBA, Rock’n Roll, Jazz, and zoo. Although I’ll stay there for five nights & seven days, I hope I visited as many places as possible. After Sep 11, Empire State Building became the highest. I look forward to it.

I joined FOCUS. Though tonight’s dinner was held pretty far from downtown, I enjoyed myself.

今日のテーマは、【 クラブ・サークル 】~もちろん大学篇~について最も印象深い1シーンの具体的な内容・・・といった感じ。






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