Culture I'll Feel Pretty Soon.

I stayed up late to produce my home page, although I have to study, lol. Although I started it, I had no idea about how to make it at all. I tried to keep going. What’s “index.html”? What about “html” text note? Yahoo and MSN are very impressive, but I can’t create like this. I can create my own unique HP.

It was at 5am that I finished creating my rough HP. I’ll grow it up more and more. I went to bed w/ thinking many things.

I kept typing an economic note for 7-straight hours. Econ exam will come from Ch13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, and 21. If I read through all of details in the text, I’ll waste time too much. I found out the good strategy that I summarize main topics. Specifically speaking, I take a look at Quick Review and Summary at the middle /end of chapters. It is easy to make a promise. The success/failure depends on my effort.

Now I wanna say is about what I’m gonna do between an end of Summer and a beginning of Journey. Actually, I have an accurate 16 days. First of all, I have to study TOEIC for Boston Career Forum 2005. I’ll spend the rest of them at some museums around Portland. Fortunately, I got a free magazine, FINDER, saying primer, food, nightlife, culture, shopping, and urban answers. I’ve never been to any artful places since my arrival.

I’d like to go to Gallery 500, located at 400 SW Washington St.

さて、今日は【 アルバイト 】について。





  by tkpsu | 2005-08-06 15:11 | @Portland

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