Related To Risks.

I might have skipped my presentation. That’s cuz I got up at 9:35am when the class starts. I left immediately home w/out breakfast. I ran fast to there, but fortunately the first presentation of Keita didn’t start yet. When I asked Glen what today’s order is, he said to me that I’m second. Although I planed to think about my conclusion, I had no time to get it ready.

Since he gave us ten more minutes for preparations, I made a rough conclusion. My presentation occurred w/ Power Point. I think it’s successful cuz of a visual aid, an in-class survey, and questions. Moreover, no-looking-down-note is a good point, too. When I say my weak point, it’s gonna be a little bit boring one. Any presentation can hock all audiences. Thus we should accept some of bored audiences.

It is at 2:00pm that I arrived at Broadway computer lab. What I gotta mainly do is the final draft of a research paper. I changed many points, such as add and erase sentences. In my conclusion, there are main three reasons for career changes: interest, economy, and company. The company has big rights against employees. They can change the amount of wage or working hours, working-place, and working-partner. Therefore employers are more powerful than employees, certainly.

When workers think about the risk of this launch of jobs, they will do that if risks are less than profits of career changes. Traditionally speaking, especially in Japan, although it’s getting common to change careers, it’s gonna be a tough work for not only yourself but also ur family.





  by tkpsu | 2005-08-08 05:07 | @Portland

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