Ending Is Beginning.

Today is the last day of ESL, I mean, it might be “good-bye, Glen.”

Actually, all I had to do was to listen and ask smth to presenters. Hajime talked about Starbucks’ Branding, attracting me. Starbucks has 9,000 branches around the world, including US, Japan, European countries, etc. They plan to build 1,500 more shops in 365 days. Their branding has the three main elements: price, ambience (atmosphere), and service.

Starbucks has set the current price which is stable, and will keep it. The price setting leads coffee quality to keep. Secondly, the ambience made us cozy in the shops. The space-making is the most important for the service business, making customers fixed there. Finally, customers always ask staffs to have a cup of coffee. All of staffs practiced hard OJTs, and became the best service producers.

Simply summarizing his presentation, that’s it. Next was Asuka, talking about what 7-seleven needs next. Her proposal was targeting change into teenagers. Her reason is they don’t have car, so they have more opportunities to go there than the grown-ups. Like starbucks, 7-eleven needs the customer service too. At the same time, they need to keep researching the needs, which is for their profit.

That’s how ESL was over. ESL’s teacher is determined in the beginning of the quarter. Carry taught me last quarter, while Glen did this quarter. To be honest, I don’t wanna say good-bye to him. I wish I was in his class.

At the end of ECON 202, I asked Prof. Walker if Final covered whole chapters. The answer was Yes, killing me. After the last class, I went to Broadway, finishing up FIN 301 paper. All I have to do is to hand in it and prepare for the final.






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