Bye-Bye, Keiko.

I stayed at the library to read through my economics materials. I memorized and understood the structure between GDP, NI, and Personal Income. That’s right before 30 minutes of Econ. There are several must-learn words; Capital Consumption, Indirect Business Tax, Undistributed Corporate Tax, Corporate Profit Tax, Social Security Tax, Government Transfer Payment, Personal Income Tax, Household, Personal Saving, etc.

Even if I understood completely the above structure, I did get only one point in the exam. That’s the exam. In order to score highly, we have to cover beyond everything necessary. The older I am getting, the less the passion against studying. How come? Nobody can answer it. Don’t forget the pleasure to study, especially students don’t forget.

I have nothing left. Econ Final consisted of 69 hard multiple questions. Hard studying led me to a high score, perhaps. I had 120 min for the exam, and used all of them. Again, I was the last student to hand in. After that the real summer vacation has come.

I have to do the job-hunting in the first 14 days. An’ then I am to be in NY, France, Italy, Spain, and Netherlands. Unfortunately, I have four more months left. All I’m gonna do is job-hunting, journey, and Fall term. That’s it.

I need more time to stay here.




  by tkpsu | 2005-08-11 06:22 | @Portland

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