Unseen Commencement.

I heard this: Riku Takewaki. Congratulation, Riku. The graduation ceremony was held in the middle of PSU, between Smith bld. and Blackstone dorm. Hundreds of students stood the same stage one by one after the call. Audience, including parents and friends, are a few times as many as graduates. Whenever one student name was called, yield, shout, and clap occurred.

What I found out so far was that the volume of them showed the popularity of students by friends. In addition, it is the biggest difference between PSU and Waseda. Generally speaking in JPN, all of graduates in from elementary to university have to take seats w/ silence. Although I can say it is one of Japanese traditions, it sounds boring.

We have a funny act: sing a song together. It’s not only National Song but also cerebrating songs we learned during class, especially by junior high school. My high school had the same kinda ceremony, differing from junior high. We had 12 classes, so we didn’t receive individually diplomas. Each representatives from classes can do that.

How about Waseda? I have no idea. It might be boring, still, lol. Because I left JPN before the commencement, I missed it. In fact, several seniors of my circle attended it. Friends of mine seemed to see that. Thus, I’d like to do that after the end of studying-abroad. I’ll feel one of Japanese traditions.

今日は、ゆーすけの友達をPDX案内に連れて行った。ゆかちんと呼ばれているその友達は、ユージーンに早稲田のプログラムで1ヶ月だけ来ている。サタデーマーケットに行き、Rock Bottomでたらふく昼食を食べ、Water FrontのFestの外見だけを見て、PSUへ向かった。そこでオレの役目は終わり。ちゃんと二人の時間を作ってあげる気の配り様。



  by tkpsu | 2005-08-13 12:06 | @Portland

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