Treasure Shopping.

For the first time, I went to Uwajimaya, Asian Grocery Store, at Beaverton in four months. I got on the bus #54 w/ double Yusuke. It was at 3pm that we left Epler for there. We went to Target at first. I got the travel goods of Sep: a little body soap, and a little tooth powder. After that we went to Uwajimaya, getting the guide book about NYC for double Yusuke.

The title of this book is Chikyu-no-arukikata, meaning how to walk around the earth. It was the most popular one in JPN. It will lead u guys to the popular places: church, building, museum, station, restaurant, park, etc. It is enough for those who are beginners of traveling. However, it doesn’t always cover all.

In other words, an individual trip can give me a new impression/discovery. I strongly agree on it. Whenever I went shopping from Harajuku to Daikanyama, I was looking for anything special/strange. Whether I met smth new or not, it’s a shopping, I think. In addition, another rule in my mind is this: Don’t go back to the same street. That has twice as many chances to meet smth as to return on the same street. That’s how I walk shopping oversea.

Portland has downtown, too, but it’s not big. They have 23rd, Nob Hill, like Daikanyama. Anyway, PDX is small. NYC looks like Tokyo as everybody knows. There are more fashionable shops than in Portland. One shop I wanna visit in NYC is A.P.C. Its branch is located in JPN, too. I like this brand, although its item is not cheap.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-14 02:35 | @Portland

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