Moment I’ll Spend.

I was researching Paris and the Mont Saint Michel at Broadway noon. It was at 12:30pm that I was there.

First of all, I decide to visit the Versailles, 20 min-ride far away from Paris. According to my research, it gathers a number of tourists around the world. That crowded situation must be like Yamate-Line, the most crowded Japanese train. Unless I evacuate the rash hour, I’ll be dead soon and won’t enjoy myself.

How will I get to the Versailles? What’s the best ticket to walk around there in a day? I’m looking for it so far. “Forfait”, a discount ticket including on-day-ticket, is sold at any SNCF, French main train corp., station. It costs 21 euro, enabling me to see Circuit des Grands Appartements, Hall of Mirrors, Queen’s Suite, la Chambre du Roi, etc in the Chateau.

Secondly, the Mont Saint Michel is located at northwestern 4-hour-train&bus far from Paris. It was on TV that I met it for the first time. Because of a tide the only one path to it can appear and disappear. This convenience was useful once upon a time when the knights governed the country. I was engaged in it since then. If I’m in Europe, I’ll be at the Mont Saint Michel.

I must ride on the train from Paris for 120 min and the bus from Rennes for 60 min. Although it’s pretty far, it’s worth seeing. I research the exact time of both eurail and bus. If I face such a special place, I’ll take a picture, definitely. I’m not sure how many pictures I’ll take, however.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-15 18:09 | @Portland

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