Isolation Might Be Dangerous.

I didn’t care about the loud sound, making me awake, anyway. It was the fact that a fire alarm test occurred last Wednesday. I heard the crazy noise then too. I remember that test well, so I made a mistake that this morning’s calling might be a test again. I stayed at home for half an hour until the noise was stopped. According to Yusuke, most of students living in Epler went outside. If the real fire happened, I might be dead.

I went to Broadway to think about who I am. After approximately 4 hours I was back to home and trained the weight/lifting, which is the first time for me in life. When I was one basketball player in high school, we had to do such weight training after practice. However, I did the minimum cuz I didn’t wanna get a muscle any more. I don’t wanna be macho, but skinny.

It was pretty tough, but I noticed that I can enjoy it. I ran one mile in 12 minutes and lifted four kinds of machines. Instead of only 30-min-training, it’s enough to kill me. I took a shower as soon as I was back. I brought my cleaning stuffs to da laundry. I went to Safeway to get smth to eat.

Now I’m watchin’ “Men Of Honor” on 53 Ch. After that I played a guitar at Yusuke’s room. I went to bed w/ thinking what I’m gonna do tmrrw.





  by tkpsu | 2005-08-17 04:08 | @Portland

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