Elite Faces Friend of Mine.

Today also I was in Broadway. I finished making the format of understanding-myself for a job hunting. It was at just 6pm that I finished that. It is total 98 pages long, killing me, seriously. Then accidentally, I met Hajime, one TNP student starting home stay during summer vacation. His host house is located in Beaverton, 60-min far from here by MAX.

According to his chilling, his host family is a quite well-to-do. Dad talked to him that it was better to buy starbucks before. What did you say? It’s impossible for the middle class to say that. Moreover, the house is, of course, huge. But, funny thing I wanna say is they have no Internet facility. Thus he was here to use the computer.

He was senior and will be super senior to find a job in JPN. TNP has five seniors: Naoko, Asuka, Hajime, Koji and Keita. So will all of them. In my case, I plan to graduate in four years cuz I don’t wanna parents to pay school fees any more. I don’t wanna bother them. Technically speaking, I got 80 credits in Waseda. I need 44 more to graduate. Senior can register 40 credits as maximum credits. In other words, it’s gonna be fine to transfer only 4 credits from PSU to Waseda. I think it’s pretty easy.

It’s the fact that I must get all of 40 credits w/ no mistakes when I am senior. It’s easy, too, I think. That’s because I have the fact that I got perfectly 40 credits each years. If I register 40 units next year, the last campus life will kill me. However, I don’t care about that.



『あの紙ヒコーキ くもり空わって』


  by tkpsu | 2005-08-16 04:47 | @Portland

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