Walking Was Enough To Kill Us.

I was at the usual place. Just three hours later I left there for home cuz I wanted to play basketball. I arrived there at 4 pm. For the first time, I played hoops in a few weeks. Unfortunately, this summer vacation makes most players stayed at home, so I did only 2-on-2. Although it’s boring, I was quite happy to shoot it.

When I was a high school student, I took exams each term as well as PSU. As I mentioned before, I belonged to da b-ball club activity. We practiced seriously to reach at the best 16 in Tokyo prefecture. Our practice time was after school 4 of 5 weekdays and all day both of weekends. That sounds pretty hard.

However, we, all of students, gotta care about their grade which can lead them to the university. Thus, the high school prohibited them from practicing any sports for the last two weeks till exams. No exception. 14-day break made all of players weaker than before exams. It means the amount of their muscle did definitely decrease.

What I wanna say here is we need more time to recover the same muscle level as before. If we had no break for exams, we would practice more effectively. The practices after break were always fundamental, like long running, fundamental defense, high jump, side steps, cross steps, etc. All of them killed us seriously, leading certainly us to the muscle ache.

Finally, I’m sure I’ll have such an ache after the first play.


土曜には、TOEIC受験です。なんも準備してません。Glenからテキストを借りたのに・・・。ごめんよ、Glen. TOEICのパターンだけ理解して、臨むつもりです。あと遅刻だけはしちゃだめだね。



  by tkpsu | 2005-08-18 17:49 | @Portland

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