Internationalization In Waseda.

During the vacation it’s the first time to visit Waseda Oregon Office. To my surprise, there were 38 Japanese students who major in Sports Science. They guys r taking classes but they’ll leave 7 days later. All of them stay at the host family. Unfortunately, most of them are younger that TNP: most are 19 or 20.

Yu, one of TNP friend of mine, is working as an assistant for them. He helped them to introduce PDX w/ only five-month experience, lol. But, it’s enough for them. One guy asked Yu how to get to Rose Garden. I thought it’s pretty easy question. But it’s the most difficult one for those who have just come here. We had no idea which direction is N, S, W, and E.

The reason why I was in the office is to return TOEIC text to Glen. Last night I started studying it. I made sure what kinda exam TOEIC is. It’s important, I think, besides it’s like TOEFL, which is more difficult than TOEIC. Thus I’m sure that I can score a high grade. Glen told me to use the text book here, at the office, from now on. Gocha!

After taking a test on the book, I gave it back to him. I planed to visit International House Portland, located in Lake Oswego, where I’ll take TOEIC tmrrw. After all, I canceled and spent at Epler. I played a guitar, hurting my left fingers, lol. Even when I go back to Japan, I wanna keep playing it. In reality, part of my guitar is broken, so I gotta bring it to some shops to repair it. I’ll do that to Ochanomizu, Tokyo.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-19 03:07 | @Portland

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