Life Is For Kids.

My favorite place is closed weekends. Hence I’m here, at home all day. Time is passing so fast, reaching 8pm. In accident, Riku visits me, and I ask when we’ll meet Marcus. He replied quickly tonite. I answer yes shortly after his invitation. Marcus I met before works at NIKE JAPAN. Tonite’s crews are Riku, Shou, Heuy, and I.

Shou gives call for him to decide where to meet each other. Unfortunately, the first place where we’ll meet is so crowded that we can change da place. All we wanna do is play pull. It is at 10pm that we arrived at the bar Heuy recommends. That bar has six tables for pull, and we play at one of them.

At the first round, I’m against Shou. Both are poor at it, taking time too much. Finally, I lost, damm, that means I gotta pay one dollar as a bet. At the second round also, I lost against Riku. I try to revenge Shou, but I lost again. When I excuse, lol, it’s the second time to play pull, and the first time since Vancouver, BC, this June.

On the way to home, we made a promise to play football Monday. Although I’m not sure how old Marcus is, he acts and feels like teenagers. I’m impressed. I wanna be like him even when I’m getting older and older.

Finally, all I don’t wanna forget fro ever is the feeling of a kid. I believe that it makes me still young, and gives me new feelings/ideas any time.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-21 06:56 | @Portland

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