Be Like Sportsman.

I’m pretty happy that Broadway opens cuz I wanna to print out materials/maps of Europe Journey. I made my original guide book saying schedules. It includes many details, which are cores of this trip. W/out them I can’t go through it. Since I’ll be at lots of popular places, I have to research what they have: church, park, fountain, steps, museum and world heritage.

After I stayed here for a couple of hours, I played football w/ Marcus, Shou, Riku, Rie, and Kina at PSU field. Fortunately, nobody showed up on da field, so we could play freely. For da first time it was for me since I was freshman in high school. After that next we played was mini-soccer, which lasted two hours. We were unable to watch da ball when it’s getting dark.

After we r chilling w/ each other in Riku’s room and Marcus went home, we ate three pizzas and watched “Sin City.” They were pretty delicious, killing me and making me stuffed. Talking about the film, the sandman appeared in front of me, not giving the story. As everyone said, it’s not a masterpiece.

It was at 4:15am that I was back to home. I’ll go to bet rite away.
Have a good nite and a good dream. Bye-bye.




  by tkpsu | 2005-08-22 08:52 | @Portland

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