AI is Delayed. @ NY to Sky

The flight is from Newark to Paris at 9:05pm.
10:00 I got up and finish packing. I said good-bye to Hogan, German, and left a meno w/ my e-mail address.

11:00 I went to Whitney Museum, one of the famous museums in NY. Unfortunately, I can't take any pictures at all, but it's enough. I mean, it's the worst in NY, lol. But, actually I had fun. BTW I don't be sticky, which means having lots of sweats. Positively, today is pretty dry. I don’t know why.

I was walking across Central Park from there to Columbus Circle. Although I wanted to see around the shopping center, I had a pretty heavy backpack. I gave it up.

14:30 I just left Manhattan.

15:10 I got on Path train from WTC to Newark. I thought it had a free bus for the airport. When I asked the info desk, I gotta take #62. $1.25 drove me to there. That’s normal so far, meanwhile here is the worst situation for me.

Flight was delayed by five hours into 2:00am. Suck NY and Air India.

The best thing happened to me. I met one French guy who stayed at Minnesota for camps for 10 weeks. Antoine Gauchery, 22, talked to me about lots of things in Paris cuz he lives there. I think he is rich cuz I notice that how to go shopping at the duty free shop. He was unstoppable. Additionally, he explained to me about how to get the metro ticket (I had better get the one-day pass, 3-4 euro), watch around when walking alone at night.

As I think, he thinks Paris is not dangerous. It’s up to where I’m going. He is living in Paris. I wanna know his name and more info. I can eat dinner in the Whydaham Hotel.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-01 09:06 | NY & Europe Journey

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