Round the First Place in Europe @ Paris

I arrive at Paris De Gauule at 10:00am.

14:45 Arrival at CDG. I never went to the restroom on the airplane. So, as soon as landing, I went there. Fortunately, the entrance for non-French was pretty easy. I didn’t have to show DS-2019.

When I found easily RER-B for Paris, I got on it.

I was in Gare du Nord. To my surprise, # of passengers is similar to that in Shinjuku Station. All I cared about is to focus on my backpack when walking. Da map in mind led me to around hostel, but I didn’t find it at first. When I looked for it w/ da specific map, I found it. At the same time as check-in, I paid for fee, $92-.

This hostel also is beautiful, especially in the bathroom. I borrowed sheets & towel. After taking shower & changing clothes, I sent e-mail to my sister. Unfortunately, I can’t type & read Japanese.

I went back to Nord cuz I had to make some reservations of Eurail Pass. Smth bad happened to me, that is, I can’t reserve trains in Italy & Spain. Specifically speaking, even when I get on/off a station in Paris. I can make the reservation. For instance, I bought a ticket from Barcelona Sants to Paris Austeritz.

6:30 I’m done. I took subway to Montparnasse. I bought a special pass of Versailess, 21.10 euro.

I went up to Tower Montparnasse. I was there until 9pm. I saw everything in Paris.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-02 09:07 | NY & Europe Journey

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