Enjoy the Home Party @ Versailles

8:00 I ate completely breakfast – 2 croissants & 1 bread & coffee.

8:30 I left hostel for “Pigalles,” where I took ⑫ to St. Lazare.

8:49 Fortunately, I could find a train and get on. It was kinda rapid train.

9:15 I was in “Gare Rive – Drite,” which is countyside cuz of distance from Paris.

9:30 At first, I was surprised at # of bus, which is just for tourist.

I enjoyed everything available w/ a combo ticket.

15:30 I was back to St. Lazare. I have four hours left for meeting Antoine. So I go to “Charles de Garlle Etolla” and then “Tower Eiffel.”

19:30 I met easily him and add two were friends. Let’s go to his house, which is located far away from in-de Paris by just one station. But it’s very great one. Moreover, 2 more guys added our crows. I enjoyed drinking red wines and eating cheese and bucket.

23:45 I left his home.

24:30 I was in hostel.



  by tkpsu | 2005-09-03 09:08 | NY & Europe Journey

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