Young Places I Can't See @ Paris

I’ll be at Cathedrale Nortre-Dame de Paris at night.

8:30 I was next to Concorde, and started walking to the museum, Musee du Louvre, in the park.

9:30 To my surprise, the waiting-line killed me. It’s just for a security-check.
I saw Mona Lisa and Venus of Mila.

11:30 I think well done.

12:00 I was inside St Chapell and Notre Dome. Just walking around w/ pictures.

14:30 I took ⑭ for Bercy Station where I’ll be for departure of Euro Night for Rome Termini.

15:15 I was in Montparnasse Station to validate Eurailpass. I took two delicious breads at the café in the station.

16:00 I was in Sacre-coeur.

16:30 I was back to da hostel. As soon as taking shower, I went to bed cuz of my fuckin’ exhaustion. Additionally, I gotta get up really early, like, at 5:00am.

I fell a deep sleep.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-04 09:08 | NY & Europe Journey

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