Venice is still working. @ Milan

5:30 I left da hotelbut da sun didn't rise yet. To my surprise, some public transportation, like train and ferry, started da business already.

6:22 I got on da eurostar, which was more crowded w/ business persons than I expected. I think that is because Milan is bigger than any other places around there.

9:30 I'm in Milan an' start finding da hotel at first. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to do that.

10:00 I faced Castello Sforzesco, Parco Sempione, CenacoViaciano, Basilica dis S.Lorenzo, Universita Stale, and Polielinico.

12:00 I checked in da hotel and took a quick shower.

13:30 I'm in Duomo, which is pretty amazing cuz it has many beautiful walls & glasses like cristal. I can't express any more. Thus u should be there, lol. That's da best way for us. but I can show u some pictures, which will be updated later.
After that Galleria Vittoro Emauela.
I walked up from Via Bianca Maria to Cros Buenos Aires, killing me. Of course, such a long road has many beautiful views to take a picture.

17:00 I'm in McDonald, which makes seemingly my skin worse, lol. In order to get Shotglass, I'm back to "Galleria." I got it. I went into da book store to find da Catalunya park on da map, where I'll meet w/ Sugita, one of da best friends, in Barcelona.

18:30 I'm done.

Now 20:30 I took a shower. Anyway, the private room is better than any other rooms in this journey. Additionally, it has TV. Woww!!


  by tkpsu | 2005-09-15 09:14 | NY & Europe Journey

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