Enjoy Japan and Camp.

Riku’ll leave here for Tokyo in a few days. He’ll stay there for about 20 days, and join da camp of Whynot, my circle. In general, American people go on a trip inside US during a long vacation, I guess. However, he jumps to Japan every summer. Most Japanese in Tokyo can’t go outside Tokyo, but abroad: USA, London, France, Korea, China, and other European and Asian countries.

As I said above, the summer camp will be held. Our class, junior, can decide what they do. It’s the only right for the highest class among the circle. At the same time, it means that they have to think about how to attract the other members, sophomore and freshman. When I exaggerate this camp, it is one of the management in the society.

W/ thinking about kinda that I went home and was in Yusuke’s room. There were two girls who study abroad here and are from Osaka. One will leave here the day after tmrrw, meanwhile another will in December. Talking about such int’l students, 1,200 students go to PSU rite now. This # is huge. Waseda will aim at it as well as PSU.

When it passed 9pm, I started cookin’ curry for me, Yu, and Yusuke. The main reason is I gotta spend all of the foods in da fridge. I’ll leave here on Sunday nite, I mean I have to buy some foods for a couple days. What I wanna escape is the rotted, especially smth to drink.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-23 14:00 | @Portland

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