New Comers.

I gave Yu da call to meet each other after noon. The day before yesterday we made a promise to go to “Todai”, a buffet restaurant, in downtown. However, Yusuke’s excuse made it postponed today. I had nothin’ to eat for that. For da first time it is in three months, when it was Clint’s birth day. Birth Day Boys & Girls don’t pay any money. That’s a good idea. I wanna take a next BD boy/girl there.

Today also I was in Broadway to research my trip. In addition to da former plan, I’ll be in Rouen and Amiens. They are one-hour-train far from Paris, having several beautiful places. Talking about Rouen, I’ll be there in the last day of Eurail pass, on Sep 19th. The day will kill seriously me cuz I get on EuroNight on 18th night at 9pm from Barcelona, Spain. I’m very concerned w/ my energy left, lol.

Mayu and Koji were back to Epler. She stayed at the host family, but will start living in Epler again. Meanwhile, he has lived in Epler, but tried da home-stay for only 12 days during this vacation. Rite away, she is in Saeko’s room till she finds her room, and he is in his room.

At nite I borrowed da guide book of NY from Yusuke. All I have to do is to decide where to be in NY and Paris. That’s why I was in Yusuke’s room. As I said yesterday, his friends came here from Japan. He took them to Lloyd Center, where they bought lots of stuffs like shoes and clothes. They’ll be in Seattle this weekend. Have fun and take care.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-25 09:14 | @Portland

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