ESB Is The Best.

It was too late to notice that I had better buy da ticket of Empire State Building, ESB, which is the highest bldg in NY since 9/11. Because there are too many people who wanna climp up it to look down NYC, ESB has a long line every time. If I wanna save time, I’ll get da on-line ticket in advance.

It costs $15.50- which might be not cheap, but ESB is da best place for me to see what NY is. I’ll be there shortly after arrival. Another I have to do about it is I must print da ticket out before visit. However, I have no place to do that cuz it was at 7pm, when is after Broadway was closed.

I remember that Okinori has da printer in his room. An’ then I asked him to let me use it. I bought it w/ Internet and printed it out in his room. As a result, I should look down NY next Monday nite. Before that I’m gonna get on da ferry for Stetan Island cuz I wanna see the Statue of Liberty.

The reason why I choose this way is that this ferry is free for all citizens. Manhattan has those who live in not only Manhattan but also Stetan Island as one of the places where New Yorkers are living. Thus, we need transportation to everywhere for living. I’ll be back to Manhattan after 25-min one way.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-26 17:18 | @Portland

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