Underground Difference.

I started packin’ my stuffs for 27-day journey. As I mentioned before, I’ll bring just one backpack. What do I need? I’ll use my guidebook, e-ticket, ESB ticket, some electric adapters, bath room set, two books and two glasses. What I noticed after trying packing was it’s gonna be a little bit heavy. I mean, it’s not easy to walk around da city w/ bringing da back pack.

What kinda souvenirs will I get? As I’ve been to Vancouver, BC, I wanna get a shot glass in every city. If I buy the shot glass of each city, I’ll have 14 from NY to Barcelona. They’ll make my back pack heavier. On the other hand, I’ll spend both shampoo and conditioner every nite. It means it’s getting lighter.

Additionally, I need to think about da space for all of the shot glasses. I think I’ll get another backpack in Paris. I’m looking forward to everything which will face me. After all, I can’t fall a sleep.

I went to Keisuke’s room to research a metro as a public transportation. It is completely different from that in Japan. I mean, a fare is up to area, we called zone. An’ then we can transfer every station every time in most of the metro. In Japan, we have to buy da exact fare from an exact station to an exact. I wanna see that difference, too.

  by tkpsu | 2005-08-27 08:22 | @Portland

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