See Boston Already.

I went to Uwajimaya, Japanese supermarket, in Beaverton in order to buy some books. I have just four weeks left before Boston Career Forum. Therefore, I wanna read anything as much as possible. I don’t care which genres that is. Actually, what I’m looking for is why Saodakeya, a booth selling clothes pole, doesn’t go bankruptcy. This book became close to one of the best seller this year.

I was there w/ Yusuke, who was the birthday boy last nite. To my fun, he was not good this morning cuz of hangover, certainly. However, he was able to come w/ me. He also bought books. Exactly speaking, one is a text of TOEIC, and another is Japan’s fashion magazine, Street Jack. Meanwhile, I got three; Opposite Glasses (Sakasa Megane) written by Takeshi Yoro, Masters of Interviews 2006 by Akihiro Nakatani, and Truth of livedoor vs. Fuji edited by Nikkei.

I don’t know exactly if I finish reading by the forum. It’s ok if I don’t finish it. I’m wondering what the purpose of this forum is for me, again. Seriously speaking, I wanna do the job hunting in Japan even if I see the green light by some companies I’m interested in. That’s because I’d really like to keep finding the best for me till I face it some day.

Anyway, I played soccer w/ him, Koji, Toshi, who is a younger brother of Koji and came here a couple of days ago, and Oki after coming home. We were talking about lots of things, such as Japan’s boxing. I wanna go back to this morning, sorry. Cuz I had my hair cut by myself. That’s all, though I have nothing funny.


中谷彰宏『面接の達人2006 問題集男子編』
日本経済新聞社『真相 ライブドア vs フジ』





  by tkpsu | 2005-09-25 07:38 | @Portland

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