Morning is The Best Time to Study??

Marketing 376 was a terrible early morning class at 8am (to 9:50). I got to BA 140, a classroom, on time, which was very crowded w/ students registering it. This number reached at 90, seriously. Actually, I’m the 80 from top in the wait-list cuz, mainly, I dropped this class once w/ my mistake. That’s why I’m here. The instructor said to me that it’s pretty difficult to take it in the beginning of the class.

Paul Taylor’s class was pretty exciting and funny, which is the most essential point for students. He has been to Japan, and he can speak Japanese quite well. That’s why he talked about Japan many times in class as well as China. According to his syllabus, we have lots of assignments every week, such as a 10-question-quizze and 4-article-crimination & opinions. However, that’s gonna be very useful for me as well as those who are thinking about the job hunting.

Another class I’m taking is ECN 410 (East Asian Economic Development). It’s led by the Japanese instructor, Hiro Ito, who was Waseda student about 15 yrs ago. Does anybody ask me how his English is going? I can’t say anything about that. One TNP student said he doesn’t wanna hear dead English after my explanation.

However, I don’t care about that kinda thing. That’s because studying subjects are pretty interesting for me, which are about East Asian, such as Japan and China, Economy. That’s very curious. Moreover, I can say that it’s essential for general PSU students to study that.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-27 10:13 | @Portland

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