Might Be Good Or Not.

I might have skipped the second class of ESL cuz of just my sleepiness. I was there on time w/ NY Times, which is free for SBA students in PSU. But I who am not a SBA student received it everyday. It’s very useful for me, not to say. I have assignments every week about articles from newspapers. Thus I need to check some of them, especially Int’l Business.

We were talking about the strategies of reasoning in ESL. According to the article about that, there are five main points: context (background), point, organization, evidence, and cause. At the same time, it said the critical differences between American and Japanese. For instance, American speaking style is more direct than Japanese. In general, we start talking about the background – when, where, who, what, why and how – in the beginning of our speeches/narratives.

I can’t say which is much better. Moreover, Carry pointed out the differences in the lectures. Whenever they wanna say anything, American students speak up. The class is never quiet. One student has the opinion that American students are more aggressive than Japanese. I agree w/ him in the particular situation. It is here, not in Japan.

She got used to the quiet classroom. To be honest, I can’t feel here aggressive attitude to develop da class. However, that’s the answer she decided after thinking deeply, perhaps. She might realize it’s the best way for students. What I realized is the teacher is one of the most difficult/necessary jobs.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-28 10:17 | @Portland

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