Entire Running-high.

All I did in Int’l Bus was to say what I wanna say. Paul, my instructor, talked about McDonald in Japan, especially when it makes the most money in one year. That is the first three days in the beginning of the year, January. I agreed on his story, shortly. I made up mind to comment the episode about my elder sister.

She worked at one of the branches as a part-time job. She left home for there January 1st, too. Her branch located in Shinjuku earned $100,000 in a day. I spoke up after raising hand to get the attention of Paul. He was really surprised at such a characteristic in Japan.

I had a pretty nice time in the early morning. I’m done today. Since I wanna know about the possible date to leave here for Japan, I visited Ari at Waseda Oregon. She replied whenever u wanna leave. My first plan was December 11th, Sunday. It’s important for the job hunting to leave as soon as possible. Another I had to think about is to decide the exact date to move in.

I went to da bar, which means it’s just only once break a week. For the first time, I enjoyed it in a few weeks. I may be looking for what I need – that is a break. However, I don’t wanna take a break until the career forum.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-29 11:23 | @Portland

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