Rain Always Makes Me Depressed.

Recently, whenever I get up in the morning, I can’t see the blue sky. Portland has regularly a rainy season as well as Japan, which has in June thr July. The duration might be from October to next March, whose last one I arrived at here on. That’s why all I can see is a thick cloud. It’s not true that we have the rain all day. We have a still heavy sunshine at the noon. It’s strange enough to make it more difficult to decide which to wear clothes.

I have only ESL every Friday, like Mon and Wed. This class was pretty quiet and hard, too. What we r talking about was two strategies of education: banking and problem-pausing. It’s not easy to explain to others. That’s why we didn’t speak up yet. Banking model is the one-way education that students are depositories, while a teacher is a depositor. They can’t study what they wanna do. On the other hand, basically, problem-pausing gives them each short goals. The teacher can give students some advises from time to time. They can study what they wanna do.

Again, I can’t say which is better, as I mentioned the differences between American and Japanese before. I don’t know why we must think about such a difficult issue in class.

For the first time, I joined Focus at nite in a few months. I really enjoyed myself to speak lots of English in addition to free dinner. I’ll join next week cuz I have just 10 weeks left.

  by tkpsu | 2005-09-30 15:51 | @Portland

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